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You Found Mold Where?!?

Written on: September 7th, 2012 in preservationResearch Room

Sometimes our researchers ask if I ever get out of the building.  Well the other day I had an occasion to, just not the kind that I like…..

An agency called to say they had some moldy books.  I went to take a look and indeed they were moldy.  It’s amazing what 80 percent humidity can do to records so quickly.  I consulted with our preservation officer and the records analyst for the agency to let them know the volume we were dealing with, the current situation, and most importantly, that they were permanent, vital records. We decided to send a team to help the agency.  We unbound the books, brushed the mold off, and rehoused them in new boxes.  The effort took just about a day.  The records were saved for future Delawareans.  So the next time I get asked if I ever get of the office…

Photo of Mold on the covers of the volumesTaking the volumes apart and brushing off the mold

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