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Recent Donation Includes Additional Gems

Written on: July 8th, 2011 in Blog PostsDelaware HistoryPhotographs

While the recent donation from Mildred Hicks of Florida included the Buckson Papers, a collection of original letters written by her great-grandfather Stephen Buckson during his time serving in a Delaware unit during the Civil War, Mrs. Hicks also sent other materials that citizens will find interesting.  Because her family vacationed in the Bowers Beach area, there are a number of postcards, photographs, and newspaper clippings from that area included in the donation.  While the majority of these additional materials focus on Bowers Beach, one of the post cards we received is a picture of the Kent County Jail and whipping post.  Our photo archivist Randy Goss tells me that this is the only picture of the Kent County Jail that shows the entire building along with the infamous whipping post.

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