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Delaware Tramp Art

Written on: September 29th, 2010 in Delaware HistoryPhotographsResearch Room

Yeah, you read that right. Tramp art.  I had a patron come in the other day to show me this decorated cigar box.  It was her great-grandmothers.  It was made in Ellendale around 1890.

 It seems tramp art is very collectible. These decorative boxes were made by blue-collar workers as gifts for their sweethearts during the cold winter months. We pulled her grandmother’s probate file. In the inventory, we found the box listed as a “small wooden decorated cigar box”.

 To see if we have a probate record for your relatives click on our probate database.

 You can visit your local library or check out the Delaware library catalog to pick up a copy of:

 Tramp art: a folk art phenomenon by Helaine W. Fendelman


Hobo & tramp art carving: an authentic American folk tradition by Adolph Vandertie

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Photo of Delaware Tramp Art, 1890

Delaware Tramp Art 1890


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