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Think Your Job is Dangerous?

Written on: June 30th, 2017 in Blog PostsPhotographsResearch Room

Many people have experienced injuries while at the workplace. These maladies could be anything from getting a papercut while filing paperwork, having back strains from lifting a heavy box, or even getting the dreaded Carpal Tunnel from typing on a keyboard for too long. Then again, most of these injuries occur in the modern day workplace: the office. Your garden-variety office worker has surely experienced any of these or other minor symptoms at one time or another, yet has anyone you know ever been injured by a cow?

A few weeks ago, a researcher came in and asked to look up some records on Industrial Accident Board cases via the Department of Labor. While perusing some of these files, a coworker and I stumbled upon a case from an employee of one of the du Pont family members. The employee in question was described as having a “hurt neck”, and the injury report stated something along the lines of: “Employee was milking a cow. The cow fell over, landing on and injuring the employee’s neck”.

I know it’s never polite to laugh at someone during an accident, but seeing as this took place in the mid-20th century, my coworker and I felt OK with erupting with laughter as to this poor soul’s workplace cow-tastrophe. I mean, how many people have had a cow fall on their neck while at work?

And you thought you had it bad when the copier machine stops working…

For more information on Industrial Accident Board “Old Awards” & Closed Case Files:

Photo of two men with a cow and a calf


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